Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately I am not in the position to be able to cater for anyone with any allergies or dietary requirements. Nuts are used in the kitchen aswell as ingredients containing traces of nuts.

Yes, most of my Bakes are vegetarian friendly however please confirm before placing an order to ensure certain ingredients aren’t being used (e.g.marshmallows and some sprinkles)

You can order via the website shop at the end of each month, you can pick and mix different flavours that are available that week.

For custom orders throughout the month, just complete the contact form including details (flavour, date and quantity) of the bakes you would like to order and I will check availability and send over an invoice!

This depends on how busy I am for the date you would need it, I would usually recommend booking atleast 2 weeks in advance, however if it is a small order I can often fit some in with just a few days notice.

Simply complete the form on the Cupcakes page and I will then confirm availability and send over an invoice. Please include as much detail as possible, colours, any wording and the collection date etc…

Please see the cupcakes page, if there are any flavours not listed, please just ask!

Beltons Bakes
26 Gages Road

I’m based in the outbuilding kitchen infront of the drive. (if your facing the house it’s to the left)

Unfortunately, I currently do not offer delivery on any bakes.

Please visit the Brownie Slab page and complete the form, I will then check availability and send over an invoice for payment

I usually recommend the Brownie slab is suitable for up to 10 people

Cupcakes – Keep stored in a cool dry room, away from any drafts or heat

Brownies, Blondies and Cookies – Keep stored in the fridge, but enjoy at room temperature (take them out of the fridge around half hour before you eat)